Ticking Off the Bucket List

Don’t underestimate Mount Kinabalu

By on August 16, 2014

A BookFace friend recently posted an amazing photograph from the top of Mount Kinabalu.

“I want to do that!” I exclaimed and promptly put it on the bucket list.

I didn’t realise thMount Kinabaluat within a few short months, we would be sitting on a bus with the monstrous landmark in sight and thinking what have we done.

We meant to train for it but time seemed to slip away and despite work colleagues constantly asking how our pre-trip preparations were going, I brushed them off with a somewhat confident “we’ll be right” attitude.

I kept thinking, it can’t be worse than the half marathon we completed last year and we pulled up just fine from that.

The first sign of the hurt to come was in Kota Kinabalu when a massage therapist told Brad not to come back to him after the trip because he wouldn’t be able to even touch him without him whincing in pain.

Even then, we didn’t really believe that it could be that bad, could it?

Within the first kilometre on the first day, we realised it could.

We have never completed something so physically challenging in our lives and with hindsight would have trained better for it.

Mount KinabaluThe altitude was never a problem, we had Diamox for that.  It was the sheer muscle exhaustion from 15 hours of intense use in just 36 hours which we’ve never experienced before.

The massage therapist was right, we hurt to touch and move and even just lay in bed.

It took us a week for our muscles to fully recover but we didn’t really stop either, flying straight to Tawau and onto Kapalai Sipadan Dive Resort for the next holiday installment.

Despite the hurt, the experience was amazing and it’s not until you are witnessing the dawn of a new day from what feels like on top of the world that you really appreciate the effort it took to get there.

I absolutely recommend trekking Mount Kinabalu but take it from us, be prepared!


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