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Hit the slopes in Canada

By on December 11, 2013


If you asked me what champagne powder was prior to our trip to Canada I would have said a type of cocktail.

That’s how little I know about skiing.

The last time I ‘hit the slopes’ and by hit I mean ‘wipe out a lot’ was on my year 12 school trip to the NSW ski fields.

Picking up where I left off was a little nerve wracking considering we were about to ski some of the most popular slopes in the world.

Just like riding a bike, sure enough we were back on the skis and having a ball.

Big White, Canada

Big White, Canada

Big White in British Columbia is where I learnt the true meaning and beauty of champagne powder.

And it has nothing to do with drinking out of a flute glass.

Beautiful, soft, fluffy snow that smooths your ride and cushions your fall.

On top of the mountain on a beautiful sunny day, it also looks like glitter as it gently falls to earth.

I was in a real life snow dome.

Big White, Canada

Big White, Canada

Hot tubs in the snow capped off adrenalin filled days and when our skin turned wrinkly we brought the outside in.

Find one big block of hard ice.

Carve out a shoot.

Sit high on a bench or chair on top of a bench.

Place your mouth underneath and have some one pour you a shot.

Verdict, Jagermeister is better served chilled.

Big White, Canada

Ice shots – Big White, Canada

Big White also provided Brad, JM and Jo an opportunity to tick off ice climbing on their bucket lists.

Big White, Canada

Ice Climbing – Big White, Canada

While we didn’t have similar snow conditions in Whistler, we were still sucked in by its atmosphere.

The scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

While the days are spent exploring the different runs or tubing there is no shortage of spots for Apres-Ski.

Just follow the trail of skis and boards and settle in for the night.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

Time made our visit to Whistler way too short.

Hopefully this is one winter wonderland I will be back to explore again one day.



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