Ticking Off the Bucket List

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Video a wedding

By on October 12, 2014

When my beautiful friends James & Tanya got married I asked if I could video their wedding and they said … YES! Not only did I put together a traditional wedding video so they could cherish the memories forever, I

Be a Supergirl

By on March 16, 2014

According to Wiktionary, a Supergirl is a particularly successful, talented or otherwise remarkable girl. I dedicate this vlog to my little supergirl Miss Milly.

Run a half marathon

By on November 26, 2013

It wasn’t long after returning from a 3 month non-stop around the world trip that I started to feel blah. Blah because I wasn’t moving. ┬áBlah because I wasn’t experiencing new things. ┬áBlah because I wasn’t being inspired to capture